EP 1: Breaking into Tech with Cassidy-Williams Song

Cassidy Williams-Song

Head of Developer Voice Programs at Amazon

Cassidy Williams-Song (@cassidoo) is the Head of Developer Voice Programs at Amazon and the brilliant brain behind the official Scrabble keyboard cap set. Previously a Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist at Venmo; she graduated with 10 job offers, after 5 internships in her 4 years in college! Get to know more about Cassidy as she shares her insight on finding your place in tech, building relationships and communities.

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Developer Evangelism, Evangelists & Advocates
  • What it’s like to apply for internships and jobs in tech
  • How to find a mentor
  • How to showcase your skills and build on what you already have
  • How to maintain your confidence when applying for a job, even in the face of rejection
  •  How to use job rejections to your advantage
  • The importance of putting your whole self out there, whether online or in the workplace
  • How to get the most out of the Grace Hopper: Celebration Conference

Action Steps:

  • When applying for internships, be confident and show your interest by asking questions.
  • Go ahead and network. Keep building relationships.
  • Take common interview questions and try to build a project around it.
  • When you get rejected when applying for a job, ask why
  • When attending the Grace Hopper Celebration, be strategic. Bring at least 100 copies of your resume and get ready for your sales pitch. Hit the smaller companies first before you go to the big ones, and watch out for companies that may be holding separate events that you can join.
  • Create relationships with a pay-it-forward mindset. When you help others, they help you.

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