Harnessing the Power of Meal Prep - Part 1 - Why it Matters

Author's Note: This is a contributed guest blog post from our partner Lindsay Young.


There’s no denying that the way we nourish and fuel our body plays a huge role in our ability to show up and perform as our best self. Food effects everything but it’s easy to overlook how impactful it can be to prioritize good nutrition.

For a lot of people, healthy food is not a top priority, especially for busy, successful, hustling gals with a packed schedule and a huge amount of passion. We don’t have time to cook or give food much thought, so we end up reaching for the easiest, fastest, quickest option so we can move on to other things.

If you plan to live long, strong, and on purpose, you must support your immune system, digestive system, nervous system, and hormones. Your body needs vitamins, minerals, high-frequency foods, antioxidants, balanced blood sugar and more! It’s really hard to fulfill all that’s in your heart when you’re not feeling your best, so taking care of your body means that you are able to bring your dreams and intentions to fruition.

Flipping the equation on this from a mindset perspective is an important place to begin. Once we recognize that how we nourish our body greatly impacts our ability to be productive and operate at our highest capacity we can look at that pyramid through a different lens.

Instead of food being at the bottom of the priority list, where it’s the last thing we think about or plan for, we begin to flip that around. If you can put just a bit more intention, thought, and care into what you’re putting in your body the payoff is so much greater than the time it takes to be intentional. Fueling your body well from the start pays off exponentially in better concentration, increased energy, improved cognitive skills, greater productivity and so much more.

When I think about the role that foods play in productivity there are three major physiological considerations that can transform your life.

1) Balancing Blood Sugar

Major swings in blood sugar not only predispose you to diabetes but is the main driver behind our energy. When you want to be productive you cannot afford to have an afternoon crash or unpredictable energy highs and lows.

2) Brain Power

Nutrition effects our ability to focus and think clearly. The foods we eat can optimize our brainpower which majorly impacts our productivity. They can also slow down our brainpower and cause us to have brain fog, forgetfulness, and trouble concentrating.

3) Nutritional Deficiencies

If we’re supplying our body with the raw materials it needs to rebuild itself – our body is constantly breaking down and building back up – we can’t perform optimally. For example, the mineral magnesium is a cofactor for over 300 bodily processes. If we’re deficient in magnesium, there are 300 things our body does not do optimally, and major things like blood pressure regulation, protein synthesis and muscle and nerve function. Making sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs is vital for performing optimally.

In my next post, I’m going to share 5 foundational nutrition strategies that will have a huge impact on energy, focus, and efficiency. It’s amazing that we can use food to work for us and optimize human performance. Stay tuned!

Lindsay Young is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who specializes in helping passionate women develop a lifestyle & nutrition plan that works with their busy life. Grab her free download, Build a Brilliant Smoothie, for the insiders scoop on how to make a smoothie that is both slimming and satisfying, plus 16 recipes! Visit Lindsay on Instagram for daily tips on how to make healthy living simple and joyful.