3 Ways I Stay Mindful on Social Media


Comparison-itis can be easy to catch when you start following lots of lifestyle bloggers and influencers, especially on Instagram.

And for me it’s also easy to get sucked into Twitter debates and threads filled with vitriol, (especially on the inequalities and biases of being a woman in tech.)

Here are 3 simple things that I’ve started to do to stay positive and focused.

  1. Unfollow Consciously

    This was a hard one for me. I know it’s so tempting to follow accounts for decor, fitness, fashion or just in general ‘life inspiration’. I now make the conscious decision and ask myself “Is this really serving me?”

    Similar to the KonMari Method of asking yourself “Does this spark joy?”, are you spending time fretting, adding things to a shopping cart or are you engaged and feeling uplifted after you read those posts?

    Set those boundaries for yourself, maybe you want to use Instagram to learn new fitness routines and exercises—and figure out if that’s what you’re really following an account for, or if you’re just oogling six-pack abs that a personal fitness instructor has (P.S. for many that IS their full-time job, to just workout!)

    Pro Tip: If you don’t want to ‘hurt’ anyone’s feeling by unfollowing say friends from high school you haven’t talked to in 7 years, you can temporarily ‘block’ the person and then unblock them and their account will have automatically (and secretly) unfollowed yours. (They don’t receive notifications that you’ve blocked them.)

  2. Limit Your Time
    This is a hard one. It’s so easy to spend time on the couch scrolling while you casually Netflix, trying to unwind. But, are you really unwinding?

    For me, I try to be deliberate on different platforms. I use Twitter to follow many of the aspiration ‘Internet friends’ that I have and use it as a curated newsfeed, since they share articles that I’m interested in (and not just about tech), Versus Facebook, which is more often family and people I’ve met ‘IRL’ but may not have the same hobbies or lifestyle preferences.

    More often I get sucked into Facebook groups, but if I come armed with a time limit for myself, I’m also less likely to mindlessly scroll and watch funny videos.

    If I’m using social media for a purpose like ‘networking’, then I may give myself 15 minutes to scroll through and add things to an app to share later (more on that below!)

  3. Use a Social Media App
    Instead of trying to do all the things, or re-share the same article manually on 3 different platforms, I use Buffer (you can use it for free!) to automatically space out and share across different platforms at times I’ve set as default times to share.

    This allows me to stick to my time limits and not have to check social media platforms every day. And now with the new algorithms that determine what to show you, based on your interaction and popularity of the posts, I’ll still see things that were shared within the last week, even if it’s not on the same day it was posted.

I hope this helps! Tweet me @geekgirlweb if you have any other techniques and tips to stay mindful on social media (but don’t spend too much time tweeting me! *wink*)