How to Build a Job-Winning Resume

Author's Note: This is a contributed guest blog post from our partner Wozber.


With the competition in the job market now higher than ever, as a job seeker, you have to show to a company clearly that you perfectly fit their specific business needs. At Wozber, we've been gathering the best job-hunting practices for the past four years, and now we'd like to share with the GeekGirlWeb™ community the main things that we've learned.


1. Target your resume at a specific job

It is common practice to write one generic resume and send it to as many different companies as possible. However, this usually leads to no replies because your resume becomes irrelevant.

Instead of sending generic resumes to hundreds of companies, rather concentrate on the ones that appeal the most to you. Which industries do you like? Do you prefer small startups or big corporations? You should identify the companies that will satisfy your career goal.

When you're sure about where you would like to work, thoroughly analyze every job ad description and create a matching resume. It's very simple – every company is looking for a candidate that matches the specific job requirements. To succeed, your resume has to match those requirements.

Pick the main keywords and skills from the job description and use them throughout your resume. This way your resume will be an advertisement targeting that specific job description. Place yourself in the recruiter's shoes and ask yourself if hiring you would be an obvious choice. The answer must be yes.


2. Focus on your accomplishments

Potential employers see past success as an indicator of future performance. When writing about your experience, avoid using phrases like "I was responsible for". Your resume should not be about the duties you had, but rather about what you have achieved in the past that is relevant to your future employer. To help you focus on the right things, ask yourself:

  • Did you do anything better than the other employees did?

  • Did you earn a promotion? Did you win any awards?

  • Did you improve any processes, systems, or methods?

  • Did you solve any problems?

  • Did you save or make the company money?

  • Did you consistently meet goals?

  • Did you make the company more competitive?

These professional accomplishments are exactly what drive every employer to pick one candidate over the other. Communicate your abilities through the results you have achieved and support them with numbers and facts. This is one of the most important techniques that you can use to sell your skills.


For example: Successfully headhunted and recruited more than 300 professionals via LinkedIn and alumni databases, ensuring background checks, individual offerings as well as contacting uprising talent.



3. Use a clean resume design

Resume content is the key to success. However, it's just as important to lay it out in an easy-to-read format. Do not add clutter or creative gimmicks. Use a simple structure that includes only the most critical aspects of your professional image like your:

  • Contact details

  • Job position title

  • Experience with accomplishments (80% of a recruiter's attention goes here)

  • Education

  • Skills

  • Languages

  • Certificates

The bottom line: your resume needs to be easy to navigate and include only what's relevant for the employer.


The easiest way to build a job-winning resume

There are many other moving parts in your resume that play a role in the recruiter's decision. It's hard to include everything in this blog post since every candidate is unique and requires different details in his/her resume.

To make it easier for people to build their professional stories, we have developed a smart resume builder. For the past four years, we have been integrating the best industry practices into this tool, bringing you closer to your dream job opportunities.

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Good luck with the job hunting!