How to Organize your Desk Applying the Konmari Method™

Editor's Note: This is the 2nd blog post in a series on organization! Read more about our guest contributor Lisa Tselebidis at the end.


Having and maintaining an organized desk has many benefits. Most importantly, it helps you to stay focused and enables you to get things done in an efficient manner. If you need help in this area, this post is for you! I will show you how to declutter your desk and keep it organized in 8 easy steps by applying principles of the KonMari Method™.


Think about the times you are spending time at your work place and your associated habits. E.g., do you work from home and eat breakfast on your desk while checking emails? Take note of these things and evaluate if/how your current routine and habits are serving you. Envision your ideal work environment and desk habits. Keep this vision in mind and let it inform your choices as you proceed through the next steps.


Remove everything from your desk and clear out all other work-related storage units. And I mean EVERYTHING - even the little post-its and photos on your computer screen and things like that. Sort everything into the following 4 categories: books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items; you can make sub-categories as you see fit) and mementos (sentimental items).


Take the chance and clean your desk, your computer screen, keyboard and everything else. Chances are, dirt and dust bunnies have accumulated over time and you have never really had a chance to clean your work area thoroughly. So now is the perfect time!


Think about how your current set-up is serving you. Maybe you want to rearrange your entire desk or your computer. Or perhaps some of your filing cabinets would serve you better at a different spot. Make these adjustments now.


Go through each item in the 4 categories you created earlier. Tackle one category after the other and adhere to the suggested category order (read why here). Determine for each item if it “sparks joy”, if it is essential for your work and if it belongs in your work space.


Now it is time to put the items you want to keep back on your desk and into related storage units. Store like items with like and store as much as possible in drawers and storage units. Try to keep your desk and other surfaces as clear as possible. Make sure to assign a designated “home” to each item.


Regarding the items you no longer want to keep, determine which need to be discarded, recycled, donated or “re-homed” (e.g., books you borrowed that need to be returned to a colleague) and either do it immediately or make arrangements to do so.


Think back to your initial vision and determine if and how you want to establish new routines surrounding your work life and place. Also, in order for your desk to not return to a cluttered state again, make sure to put each item back to their designated “home” every day before you leave your work place at night.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the KonMari series on decluttering and organizing tips for your electronics.


Lisa Tselebidis is a Certified KonMari Organizing Consultant and helps her clients create a home and lifestyle that truly sparks joy for them (website / Instagram). Receive 20% off your first KonMari tidying session with her by mentioning “GeekGirlWeb™”.