How & Where to Find a Diverse Tech Event Near You

Diversity is more than a quota, it's about getting people from all backgrounds collaborating. Here is a quick non-exhaustive list of where to find events that I believe encompass this mission. Included events are not all 'diversity focused' but rather have welcoming environments and a mix of technologists.

Below I'll explain what is a Code of Conduct, it's importance, and how we can create and support diverse events.


What can we do create & support diverse events?

  1. Implement or Request a Code of Conduct to Create a Safe Space
  2. Join the Code of Conduct Pledge
  3. Have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Code of Conduct Breaches
  4. Select an Accessible Venue & Increase Access Visibility
  5. Encourage Diverse Speaker Representation

The Importance of a Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is more than just a 'set of rules', it helps set a professional tone; a safe environment for all participants, including but not limited to attendees, speakers, sponsors and media. This means that the event should feel like a safe space space for people of all backgrounds, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation.


There are a handful of variations on Code of Conducts including:

Take a peek through these to get a sense of what a Code of Conduct establishes. I also suggest a read through Ashe Dryden's Code of Conduct 101 + FAQ which answers a handful of questions and provides more details suggestions and information especially useful for conference organizers.

Diversity & Inclusion Events

My hope is that this helps you find and create places where diversity can thrive. That you can uplift and encourage other voices to share their opinions, technical expertise and knowledge. You can encourage diverse speaker representation not only by becoming a public speaker yourself, and whether you have a diverse background or are an ally you help create the future.