Rising to the Challenge to #BankOnTech at Grace Hopper 2015


A big thank you to Capital One for hosting me in Houston, TX for the Grace Hopper Celebrating of Women in Computing 2015 and making this experience possible!

Capital One is bringing together talented women to change the way we interact and experience banking. At Grace Hopper I’ve spoken with their team to see how they are shifting the relationship between banking and everyday users. If we can now easily use apps for calling ride shares or order groceries in a few clicks–why shouldn’t banking be just as simple, transparent and intuitive?

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the largest gathering of women technologists (and male allies), with over 12,000 in attendance and 500 speakers from all over the world including professionals to students, it’s not merely a conference, but truly a ‘celebration’ of achievements and building a global community.


Over the course of the next few blog posts I’ve interviewed high executives from their team such as the inspirational Chandra Dhandapani, CIO of Financial Services in the Dallas area, Natasha Murashev, Senior iOS Engineer, to the team behind their latest Android release for Capital One Wallet which utilizes NFC technology to take on the next level of being able to make mobile payments.

Events like Grace Hopper could not be possible without the support from companies like Capital One which are looking to not only shift the gender ratio but create the future. They’ve started initiatives like Capital One Labs which focuses on innovating across different businesses within their company including credit cards, banking, home and auto loans. But aside from being progressive, Capital One is also giving back to the community with their Future Edge Initiative. Through Future Edge, Capital One will invest $150 million in community grants and support efforts over the next five years to help more Americans succeed in the ever-changing digital economy.

To quote the opening Grace Hopper keynote speaker, Fast Foward Labs Founder & Data Scientist Hillary Mason “You’re building the future. Please create the one you want to live in.