Spring Clean Your Thoughts


Acknowledging growth helps us to keep on growing.
Taking stock of leagues traveled is especially useful
for those of us who drive ourselves so hard.
–Desire Map Journal, Danielle Laporte

As the everlong winter is finally fading from NYC, I'm taking time to appreciate the sun (and welcome in allergies). It's easy to get caught up in a negative spiral, especially with winter blues.

Make some time, a few minutes, to clear out those negative thoughts and acknowledge your badass self.

Here are some things that I've gotten better at and am still working on:

  • listen without thinking up an answer /  response / equivalent story
  • be assertive but don't grasp onto reactions / outcomes
  • acknowledge other people as human beings no matter how small their contact is in your life
  • embrace warmth as the first reaction instead of fear

How will you spring clean your thoughts?

Bring your whole self.

Don't hide behind fear.

There is no perfection, just a journey.

Image Credit: Coley Christine Catalano