Cleanly NYC On-Demand iOS App Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Crazy week? Down to that last pair? Cleanly for iOS to the rescue!

"Go do what you love, we got your laundry."

I found out about Cleanly via Twitter and was amazed by their timely white-glove service for the Upper West Side (more Manhattan laundry coverage soon!)

Here's how my first experience went down...

Sunday 8:16pm - Scheduled pick-up for Monday between 7:30-8:30am & drop off for Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm

Sunday 8:35pm - Received order confirmation email

Monday 7:00am - Received reminder text

Monday 7:40am - Friendly person came by to pick-up & weigh my lbs of laundry & take my dry cleaning

Monday 8:42am - Received 'laundry in progress' email

Tuesday 7:40pm - Awesome person comes and drops off my clothing!

Score–one of my sweaters which I've considered 'beyond hope' actually came out less worn looking than when I threw it in my laundry bag!

Sneak Peek

At the moment their app is very barebones, but they're working on new sleek app.

Credit: Mockups from Cleanly

They were also kind enough to provide me with a discount code for you guys: RGARCIA10

 Save $10 off your first order!


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Photo Credit: NickiMM