5 Black Friday Tech Career Courses (and more!) that you NEED to Level Up


If you’re going to spend any $$$ this Black Friday, why not spend it on your career?


Learn to Code with Me Founder

Laurence Bradford

What if I told you that you could get over $3,000 USD+ of 19 courses to help you level up your tech skills and break into tech? This week, for way less?!

Too good to be true right? Wrong.

I wish this existed when I was learning to code over a decade ago picture (an even tinier version of) me on dial-up Internet copying and pasting HTML & CSS code, with varying degrees of success. And by success I mean I was blown away that I could style text and change backgrounds.

There are now SO many great resources for you to learn to code from experts from all backgrounds.

Whether they have traditional computer science degrees or are self-taught like myself and Laurence Bradford, the brains behind Learn to Code with Me (and this bundle!)

Laurence has set out on an awesome mission over the last few years to share her learning to code journey. She creates and curates resources to expand the learning to code space beyond textbooks and step-by-step tutorials.
I love that she spotlights the amazing people who make and learn to make code (and a living coding!)

I wouldn’t be sharing this with you if I didn’t personally believe in how good it is, so I tested ALL the courses out and handpicked these 5 as ones that I thought were helpful and which could be the beginning of mastering your next skillset.

So, before you sign up for a pricey coding boot camp or certificate from an online learning platform, consider at least ONE of these amazing 19 courses (for WAY less!)

Click-through to preview the courses…but to get my deal click on the access deal below!

Starting / focusing on programming

  • Python Programming for Beginners ($75 value)

  • Simple Steps JavaScript ($149 value)

Building your portfolio & freelancing

  • Freelance Developer Masterclass ($279 value)

  • Code College: Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course ($297 value)

For PM’s / Analysts / Data Scientists (anyone really!)

  • The Collins School of Data: Data Analysis with Google Sheets ($199 value)

$3409 total value for $199

Drop a comment below if you’ve taken any of these courses or are planning to!


Disclaimer: At no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you purchase this deal. This deal expires on Monday, November 26th at 11:59 PM EST.

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