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6-Week Tech Career Accelerator

Are you so busy
that you feel like you
have no time to explore
what you really want to do?

Program Starts September 15th


You’ve already job-searched before and

feel like you’re getting no traction

and aren't hearing back.


You have training, experience and want to share your talent and skills in a position that just feels right.

  • Have you ever felt like you’ve gone to networking events and left empty-handed?
  • Have you ever felt frustrated about your portfolio and how to showcase your best work?
  • Are tired of hearing the advice ‘find a mentor’ and ‘build your personal brand’?

Or more importantly, the bigger questions you want to explore:

  • What is my dream company? 
  • What companies align with my values? 
  • What companies would offer the biggest growth opportunities?
  • Where should I focus my energy?

You want to make time to not only ‘work on yourself’. 


You want to feel prepared so
you can step into the career of your dreams.


I get it. You’re tired of:

  • Going to meetups and schmoozing
  • Sending out your resume dozens of times
  • Posting and asking for help but still. feeling. stuck.

You don't need another degree
or certification
to create your dream career


Shifts in my career weren’t always by choice...

I’ve been laid off, or not had my contract renewed.

When that’s happened I was thrown into a whirlwind of self-doubt, desperation and struggle.

I’ve also known when it’s time to step away and look for other options.


Most people are shocked when I tell them
I don’t have a computer science degree. 


I didn’t start off with ‘magical skills’ to land my jobs at Squarespace and Microsoft. 

I spent years working my butt off, going on countless interviews, getting countless rejections.

Even after all the ‘ghosting’, I persisted and learned how to weed out what wasn’t working!

When I figured out what was working for me, women kept asking to ‘pick my brain’ and meet for coffee.

(Eventually, I ran out of lunches during my 9-5!)

I even stepped into to helping manage Squarespace’s diversity & inclusion recruiting, and engineering & design internship program. 

A few years later... 

I found myself at Microsoft, where I managed a full-time technical training program for underemployed and unemployed New Yorkers. 

And I started to notice patterns of what people were struggling with in their job search.  So I made the shift to transform my mentorship into coaching.



  • Break down your limiting beliefs
  • Build up your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn
  • Set up a your own sustainable schedule
  • Uncover how you can leverage your existing skills


  • 6 One-Hour Video Trainings ($6,000 value)

  • Bi-Weekly Group Accountability Calls ($900 value)

  • Workbooks, Checklists & Cheatsheets ($250 value)
  • My own personal templates for:
    • Responding to recruiters
    • Following up on job applications
    • The best way to ask to ‘meet for coffee’
    • Reaching out on LinkedIn
    • Asking for feedback after an interview

A total value of of $7,150! 





Week 1

Decoding Your Passion

Start to uncover what excites you and energizes you. Explore the different directions you can take your career.

Week 2

How to Leverage Your Skills

No matter your background, or job situation, you can step into your expertise and highlight your skills.

Week 3

Configure Your Career

Let's map out an Action Plan to A/B test out your options. You are in control of your career.

Week 4

Rebase Your Mindset

Reframe your doubt, self-consciousness and fear. This is your opportunity to become a confident communicator.

Week 5

Commit to Change

Change doesn't happen overnight. It's small increments and 'commits' that get you to where you want to go

Week 6

Push Your Passion

Define what success looks like for you. Own how you want to feel and succeed in your career.



Launch Special

$497 (Save $500)*


3 payments off $333

*Investment increasing to $997 on Sept 8th

The first 5 who sign-up during the launch special
will receive a complimentary 1:1 session
with me (valued at $137).

Payment Plan:

Limited spots available.


About Me

Hi there,

My name's Rebecca Garcia. I'm a self-taught Developer, turned Program, now Technical Product Manager.

I'm passionate about helping women succeed and get to the next level in their careers by leveraging their existing skills and experience. Read More »