Get Organized Once and for All with the KonMari Method™

Get Organized Once and for All with the KonMari Method™

Editor's Note: This is the 1st blog post in a series on organization! Read more about our guest contributor Lisa Tselebidis at the end.

How does your home look like? Is it tidy? Do you feel comfortable in it and are able to unwind when you come home from a long day at work? Chances are you live in a tiny New York apartment and you have been struggling to keep it clutter-free although you feel like you’re constantly purging and re-organizing. If that is you, the KonMari Method™ might just be what you need!


The KonMari Method™ is a decluttering and organizing approach created by Marie Kondo - a Japanese organizing consultant who authored New York Times bestseller "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". Kondo’s organizing approach has evolved into a movement and people all over the world have had sustained success to become and (most importantly) STAY clutter-free and organized.

So how does the KonMari Method™ work? Here are the six core principles of this famous and proven organizational method so that you can get started:


1)   Envision your ideal life

Before you start tidying, it is important to visualize your ideal home and lifestyle. Really think about why you want to tidy and what your ideal home and life should look and feel like. This will help you push through when you have a weak moment in the middle of it.

2)    Commit yourself to tidying up completely

It is important to complete your tidying undertaking in one shot or at least within a reasonable time frame. This way, you can actually SEE the progress you are making and are motivated to keep going. You are more likely to finish quickly and not experience relapse to a cluttered state.

3)   1st step: discarding / 2nd step: organizing

You should finish discarding first before you start storing the items you decide to keep. This is a very important principle because you can only assess the available storage space and where to best put your things once you are done with decluttering. Thus, keep in mind to complete step 1 before moving on to step 2.

4)   Tidy by category, not by location

It is key to tidy by category (see principle 5) rather than by location/room. The main reason behind this is that you can only grasp what you have and how much of it if you gather all the items of one category in one spot. Only then you are able to make informed decisions about whether to keep or discard items.

5)   Adhere to the correct category order

Belongings are divided into five main categories:

a.   Clothes
b.   Books
c.   Papers
d.   Komono (miscellaneous items)
e.   Mementos (sentimental items)

You progress from generally easier (clothes) to more difficult (mementos) categories. Doing it this way helps you to not get stuck right at the beginning. You learn how to make discarding decisions and get comfortable with the whole process as you progress towards more difficult items.

6)   Only keep items that spark joy

The KonMari Method™ puts the focus on choosing what you want to keep rather than what you want to get rid of. The ultimate goal is to only keeping items that “spark joy” and support you in your ideal lifestyle.



Tidying your home is only a means to improve your life. The end goal is not to have an organized living space (which is a nice side effect, of course). The objective is rather to create an environment that supports you in living your best life where you can focus on the things, activities and people that matter the most to you.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the KonMari series on how to declutter your work place according to the KonMari Method™.


Lisa Tselebidis is a Certified KonMari Organizing Consultant and helps her clients create a home and lifestyle that truly sparks joy for them (website / Instagram). Receive 20% off your first KonMari tidying session with her by mentioning “GeekGirlWeb”.